CNN Avoids MAJOR Story Because it Would EXPOSE Them for What they Are

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The Red Elephants Vincent James

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Shared September 10, 2019

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Kyles Isler

Thank GOD I avoided Twitter and never used it. It looks like absolute soul cancer.

6 days ago | [YT] | 871

John Smith

White Privilege is a myth/lie.

6 days ago | [YT] | 1,072

Drunk Roku

The old man is Hispanic, huh. Because if his grandson commits murder, he will magically become "White". Hispanic bloodlines are tricky like that.

6 days ago | [YT] | 607

Reagan Dow

Nothing CNN does surprises me any longer. They are a terrible joke of a “news” channel.

6 days ago | [YT] | 844

Transparency and Merit

Many blacks have racial vendettas against whites this seems to be world wide and the media enables this in many ways

6 days ago | [YT] | 345

The Alpha Matt

The ADL will never speak out against their soldiers

6 days ago | [YT] | 561

John Grist

We must ban all assault bricks and rocks.

6 days ago | [YT] | 352

James Longhofer

Hey! CNN is lying again, also the sky is blue and that big yellow thing in the sky is the sun

6 days ago | [YT] | 714

Axel Hopfinger

PSA: it's only a real hate crime if a white person can be blamed for it!
The more you know!

6 days ago | [YT] | 254

Damon Bryan

CNN is more of a conspiracy outlet then info wars.

6 days ago | [YT] | 257

Lisa Tosca

New York State does not allow concealed carry. This favors criminals that do not follow the law anyway.

6 days ago | [YT] | 235

Exalted Slayer of Witches

The British be like:
"Ban all pavements!"

6 days ago | [YT] | 140

D Van

The 1917s report like they did in the Bolshevik Union. Deception and distortion

6 days ago | [YT] | 341

Shon East

They sensationalize what whites do to demonize us.

6 days ago | [YT] | 156

Roaming Ryan

I still run into people that believe what CNN says.

6 days ago | [YT] | 98

D Budai

Title could also read "CNN being CNN"

6 days ago | [YT] | 269

rusty Squeezbox

Cnn is supposed to be the watch dog not the lap dog

6 days ago | [YT] | 341

KB’s Creations

The fake news media is 100% the enemy of the people. I don't know how people could see it any other way, it's pretty clear that they don't have our best interests in mind

6 days ago | [YT] | 182

Gary Gnu

Around blacks never relax

6 days ago | [YT] | 61


13% of the population has lower IQ than the other 50%

6 days ago | [YT] | 89