'living without eating for NINE YEARS' BUSTED

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Shared June 27, 2017

Mystical BS like this drives me crazy! Living without eating? Really?

Looks its this simple, you breathe in oxygen, and breathe out carbon dioxide. Thats because your body is using the oxygen to burn sugar in your body, then using that energy to live.

If your really nourished from prana... or chi.... why would you be breathing out carbon dioxide?

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I had some inquiries about the data logger I used here. Im not paid by these folks in any way.

Quick summary is pricey, but gets the job done!

The device is called a 'labquest2'
its kinda a stand alone version of the pi but but is a lot more user friendly. It will datalog up to 4 detectors at the time.

it can also be used with a good range of detectors (which was the main selling point for me)

They are all pricey, but the functionality is pretty good. I looked at a whole range of gas detectors before settling on this one. Most were related to flue gas or exhaust testing. Most dont 'measure' everything, they will detect oxygen, and calculated CO2 from the O2 drop.
For me I wanted direct measures of CO2 and O2, so the vernier worked out okay. The response time on the CO2 detector is lousy (minutes). Accurate calibration was also not straight forward. It just assumes background is 400ppm for air. If however its not (bear in mind the meter takes 15 mins to equilibrate), thats essentially the % error on the other measurements.
I found the best way for accurate measurements was simply to create your own CO2 standards and do your own calibration.
The O2 meter is fast responding, but requires its own care (needs to be kept upright).
I had some dealings with their customer support about the functionality of their detectors. They responded quickly and in detail.
I wanted to know if I could use their ethanol meter to measure my blood alcohol by exhaled breath. They gave me the honest answer which was 'kinda' but they were fuzzy on the details about the response of the meter to different humidities and temperatures. That still shows they are aware of the limits of their machines and are not simply BS 'ours is the best' salesmen.