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Gabriel Vieira

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Shared April 7, 2019


A friend of mine (Nico from Dead Wax Records) was looking for this song a while ago, and I became interested too. Unfortunately I do not have the full song, I do not know the nationality of the band and I do not know if they are singing in English, although it seems that the song is sung in English, I'm not sure if the band is British, American, Russian, German, French, etc...

What makes it difficult to identify this song is that the softwares & websites that have the function of identifying songs (for example: Shazam), does not recognize this song, that is, this means that the band is an independent band that maybe recorded this song on a cassette tape and never released it, or if it was released, it was by an independent label.

Listening to the song, we can notice that the band is formed by: Singer, Drummer, Guitar player 1, Guitar Player 2, Bass player and a keyboard player, but that's something that we can't confirm 100%. Probably the title of this song is "Like The Wind", but that's another thing we can not confirm it, because the origin of this song is unknown, I do not know where it came from, but for it to be here online, surely someone put it on the internet!

The most acceptable hypothesis is that this song was broadcasted by some radio station, and someone recorded it in the 1980s. Apparently this song is mono, it means that maybe this song was captured from a radio station or some TV in the '80s. I discovered that when I removed the central channel of this, and the track was completely empty. This happens only with mono recordings. Although we have no concrete proof that this is true, it is most likely. That is, we have two possibilities: Someone recorded this from some radio broadcast, or this song may have been taken from some demo tape recorded by the band, which is perhaps a local band that never got famous, or never released anything officially. There is another possibility, I posted about it in several communities on Reddit, and several people told me that they would have heard this song before in some horror movie, probably some B-Movie, but I have no idea if this is true, but we would have to add it to our investigation. I downloaded the audio from the 2011 video posted by redoalfo, and I realized that the audio waves are practically at low volume, this suggests that this may actually have come from some television or some radio broadcast. Because if it was taken from some demotape, surely the audio would be very loud.

I already used the advanced search method in Discogs (the largest database of rare/independent music on the internet), searching for the title "Like The Wind", but unfortunately I did not find anything about this song, that is, it means that maybe the title of the song is not "Like The Wind", as some people commented in this video, there is a possibility the singer is talking "Fly Away", "Found a Way", there are several possibilities, but we will not know which one will be right. There is also the possibility of the singer actually speaking "Like The Wind", but the true title may be something totally out of context with the lyrics of the song. There is also another possibility: The title may be "Like The Wind", but I have not found anything on discogs because this song is so rare that it was not even released by anyone independently. I really do not know which way to go, I really want to find this song, but there are many possibilities to be examined, which makes the search much more harder.

Please share this video in groups of Darkwave, Obscure 80s, any group that can help to identify this. Thank you!
Possible lyrics:
Like the wind,
You came here running,
Take the consequence of living / Take the consequence forever.

There's no states/space/straights?
There's no tomorrow,
There's no sense for unification.

Check it in, turn it off.
And the sun will never shine.
There's none to blame,
On the subways of your mind.

Like the wind
You're gonna suffer.
Let the (?) live on anger (?)
Any hunch or help will be appreciated.
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Parental Guidance - Tear It Down
Jenny Cochran - First Test
Kö's Club Band ‎– Flyin' Away (RULED OUT)
The Kaz Radge Band ‎– Beneath The Ogororo (RULED OUT)
Thank you Tyler Jenke for writing a article about it!