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Shared April 23, 2019

Complete chronological story summary of Chrono Trigger, Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This video is divided into two parts:

Part 1: The Default Timeline – the course of events that unfold if Crono and his friends had never embarked upon their time-travelling adventure.
Part 2: The Chrono Timeline – the series of events that plays out during the course of the game’s events, where time travel impacts virtually everything.

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Default Timeline – 1:29
[1:30] Prehistory (65 Million BC)
[3:00] Antiquity (12,000 BC)
[7:40] The Middle Ages (600 AD)
[11:03] The Present (1000 AD)
[12:40] Apocalypse (1999 AD)
[13:20] The Future (2300 AD)

Chrono Timeline – 14:37
[14:49] The Millennial Fair
[16:19] The Queen Returns
[16:44] The Queen is Gone
[19:36] We’re Back!
[19:47] The Trial
[22:07] Beyond the Ruins
[26:01] The Factory Ruins
[27:15] The End of Time
[28:12] The Village of Magic
[29:07] The Hero Appears
[30:30] Tata and the Frog
[32:56] The Rare Red Rock
[33:51] Footsteps! Follow!
[35:11] The Masamune!
[36:42] Magus’s Castle
[39:04] Forward to the Past
[39:47] Unnatural Selection?
[40:30] The Magic Kingdom
[43:36] Break the Seal!
[44:40] The Guru on Mt. Woe
[46:05] What Lies Beyond?
[46:18] Lavos Beckons
[48:58] The New King
[49:58] The Time Egg
[52:29] The Fated Hour
[58:33] The Final Battle

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