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Dylan Is In Trouble

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Shared August 12, 2019

knee bending is my go-to dance move

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Kim Ash

“Your name is Jafar.. name your kid Jaclose or something..”

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one who laughed out loud at this joke.

1 week ago | [YT] | 6,143

the invisible me

The museum doesn't have any security because all the people who live there are good, duhh

1 week ago | [YT] | 2,027

Beck Emmen

Dylan already asking who Mal's father is... Wait for Descendants 3

1 week ago | [YT] | 1,141

marisa eterno

can you please start a series called “ watching the series finale of a show i’ve never seen before” and it’s just you trying to understand what’s happening

4 days ago (edited) | [YT] | 241


Start if the video: Oh damn, Dylan is looking fiiiine today.

Misoa walks on, a picture of Godliness and radiance

Me: Oh damn, Dylan is looking pale and sickly today!

1 week ago | [YT] | 992

Weronika Linda

Dylan sees Misoa
Everyone: "Awww, that's love!"
Dylan in his mind: Yes, vieeeews!

1 week ago | [YT] | 2,204


R.I.P. Cameron Boyce.
That death was very unexpected.
May he rest in Paradise...

6 days ago | [YT] | 485


bold of you to assume that dancing isn’t aggressive knee bending

6 days ago | [YT] | 359


“Come on! Get in here so you can be my clickbait” I love this man 😂😂😂😂😂😂

1 week ago (edited) | [YT] | 439

Aamor Crofts

“What is the average atomic weight of silver”

Dylan: “He’s just turned on by maths”

Physics: “Boi do I look like a joke you you?”

1 week ago | [YT] | 573

Canaan Coffman


Dylan: WHY is everyone LITERALLY the DAUGHTER or SON of someone famous????????????

1 week ago | [YT] | 3,701


No One:
Literally No One:
Seriously, This Is A Disney Movie:
Dylan: gO aWaY vIrGiN

6 days ago | [YT] | 184

heidy shuashi4life

Dylan says to misoa: come be my clickbait
But never uses it
Misolan shippers: hhhmmm suspicious

1 week ago | [YT] | 214

Leanza Esquibel

Someone tell Dylan the director of this movie is the same guy who directed High School Musical!!! He needs to know this information

1 week ago | [YT] | 84


OK but the way Dylan smiled when Misoa came in is pure love. Find you a man that looks and smiles at you like that.

1 week ago | [YT] | 175

Ad Èle

Descendant will stay forever special because of Cameron Boyce.. ❤️

1 week ago | [YT] | 1,377

Saloua Bsaber

Careful dylan your inner thirteen year old girl is showing

1 week ago | [YT] | 266

Kai Raza

I’m blushing at the way Dylan looks at Misoa like whuuuut

1 week ago | [YT] | 81


dylan needs to watch big hero 6. i just watched it and it’s too cute🥺

6 days ago | [YT] | 85


When you said put that Burger King crown off you got me laughing 😂

1 week ago | [YT] | 108