Vintage Air Compressor Restoration 1950 German 🔹 Extremely Rusty and Dirty 🔧

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Shared April 5, 2019

Hello guys!
In this video I attempt to make a total and full restoration of an old and dirty air compressor built in the 50's. I bought it from a carpenter for 25 Euros who also used to paint many components. This machine was completely dirty. Rust and Mud causing loss of pressure and overall bad performance. Since this compressor looks very unique and really beautiful, I decided to buy it at once. Took me like 10 days to fully restore this masterpiece of engineering. I made a thorough cleaning, removing all the Dust, Mud from Pipes, Valves, Dents fixed, Cracks and Breaches all sealed and the old Paint has been sanded all away. Once clean to the tightest corner I applied new high quality paint made by Hammerite. Now after 70 years it looks just as new in mint condition, manufactured by german engineering.

My tools

Cup Brush:
Angle Grinder:
Hammer Drill:
Cordless Drill:
Combination Wrench:

Time stamps

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Disassembly
07:06 Clean the cylinders
07:51 Paint removal
09:02 Sanding
12:49 Dismantle the engine
15:40 Preview of all components
15:59 Painitng
16:59 Reassembly
24:00 Completely restored compressor

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