Cynthia McKinney Speaks Out on Dyncorp, Child Trafficking, Fraud and Vaccines

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Shared October 2, 2017

(NOTE: This interview, with a form congresswoman and U.S. Congress woman has been deemed by YT to be "unsuitable for advertisers" and is therefore demonetized. While the MSM talking heads are earning five figures per show we who are seeking out the truth are having the tiny proceeds received from our work and skills taken away on the basis of specious claims. Please support our work with as little as a dollar per month. Your endorsement of this work is so vital and appreciated:

An interview with former congress woman and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney. Cynthia is incredibly sought after as a guest because of her ground breaking investigations and courage when serving in congress. Before the interview begins you will hear a brief television ad that ran in 2008 when she was running against John McCain and Barak Obama.

I hope Cynthia will inspire you as much as she does me for her commitment to speaking up and speaking out. Now, serving as a teacher in Bangladesh, she is sharing her unique style and insights with a new generation. You can find a podcast of today’s show on so please share Cynthia’s message with friends and family.

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