F1 2019 - Wanglebork Replacing Gasly At Red Bull Confirmed | 100% Distance Career

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Jimmy Broadbent

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Shared August 13, 2019

Pls no punterino mid season driver swaps

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perfect cardinal carcass

Jimmy, not sure if you’ll see this, but I want you to know that your videos have really massively helped me through some dark times. This channel just exudes warmth.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you get this kind of comment a lot, but I don’t think it hurts to give you another example of how much you’ve helped folk.


(Edit) ps as much as I enjoy the regular content on YouTube, every minute you’re not a paid mainstream broadcaster is an injustice to pure talent.

1 week ago (edited) | [YT] | 14

Michael Kitchin

Finishing 4th, slowest man on track. The Wanglecork.

1 week ago | [YT] | 58


The ending of this was some of the funniest shit I've ever seen

1 week ago | [YT] | 47


1:39:20 You pulled a David Coulthard (Australia 1995)!

1 week ago (edited) | [YT] | 3


someone at codemasters must be a great Gasly fan

1 week ago | [YT] | 12

Eric Flame

You killed Max because he was second driver in his contract just look at Max’s car

1 week ago | [YT] | 2

Tyler Christlieb

"OH I KILLED MAX!" made me laugh equally as hard as "THEY'VE PUT DRIES ON"

1 week ago | [YT] | 7


The ending was very funny~haha!!

1 week ago | [YT] | 2

Michael Grant

Hey jimmy , nice channel lots of talent and a good giggle !! , 59yrs here and loving sim racing , only started this year...I get to thrash all the cars I couldn't afford and couldn't afford to race.Keep up the good effort !!

1 week ago | [YT] | 1

Emily Mast

That bug was so disheartening

1 week ago | [YT] | 12

Emily Mast


1 week ago | [YT] | 11


1:40:00 pit entry under the safety car, I was DDDYYYYIIINNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol . Like WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a race though Jimmy, one of your best I think so far. keep it up

1 week ago (edited) | [YT] | 1

Orz Orzelski

Wang cockblocked by a game, Gasly not replaced lul

1 week ago (edited) | [YT] | 5

Piotr Wądołowski

As Torro Rosso is Red Bull (just in other language) then it's inside move ;)

1 week ago | [YT] | 0


Wang to RedBull.. Now we can fight!

1 week ago | [YT] | 0

Rub Smoke n Sauce

That was a fucking epic roller coaster, awesome mate

1 week ago | [YT] | 0

Gábor Sali

This is hungary boi! :D

1 week ago | [YT] | 0

Diddles Mc Muffin

I would love to hear your opinion on an old arcade game called hard drivin the literal grandad of all racing sims

1 week ago | [YT] | 0


2:01 omg whats wrong with the tyre guy on the left ? 😂

1 week ago | [YT] | 0

Richard Buurstra

You do 1 practise? Or all 3?

1 week ago | [YT] | 0