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Shared August 13, 2019

I got this idea when Wish kept showing PC parts when I was sourcing items for the random videos. SPOILER: It was a stupid idea.

I managed to get all the parts from the mighty Wish.com with the exception of the case. But was the low-spec graphics card a fake, as shown on YouTube with more expensive cards? SPOILER: Yes. Yes it was.

Oh well. At least I've got a potentially dangerous computer I can... er... put Linux on and use for editing Raspberry Pi SD card images...?

Those numbers in full (All in £)
PSU: 31
SSD: 34
GFX: 34
Mobo: 34
CPU: 29
CPU Cooler: 8
HDD: 34
RAM: 32
Gift Card & Discount code: -33.21
Case (Not Wish): 23.38
Total: 226.17

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