Refurbishing a 5 ton equipment trailer

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Andrew Camarata

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Shared July 11, 2019

Refurbishing a 5 ton equipment trailer:
0:00 explaining the project
1:44 remove wood deck
3:32 fixing broken frame
12:00 cutting diamond plate inner fenders/metal decking
16:05 paint wheels, installing wheel bearing
23:23 welding down deck
36:14 installing lights
41:05 tilt trailer to weld bottom
50:00 painting
1:01:34 wiring lights
1:11:44 installing reflective tape
1:12:18 talking about wood vs steel deck
1:18:02 First time using trailer, moving antique tractor to parade
1:21:38 stickers/moving a small car
1:25:28 Talking about tying down equipment
1:34:36 Bringing tracked skid steer to a small job
1:40:18 towing a pickup truck

Tools I used:
Paint sprayer:
Solder tool:
shrink tube:
solder/shrink tube:
heat gun:
solder holder:
Welding stuff: cheaper at your local weld shop